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BILL GATES, Microsoft Corp.: "Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity EVER known to man."  |
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Welcome to the World of Descriptive .Coms
An Evolution in E-Commerce Marketing for Bold and Imaginative Web Entrepreneurs

You've seen the headlines:- for $7 million, $12 million for How can domains be worth so much?

These are the prime real estate of e-commerce earth, priced like Trump Towers in downtown Manhattan! (Top 100 Domain Sales)

But you don't have to be The Donald to succeed in Cyberspace. There's an economical way to say who you are. Buy generic domains! We call them "Descriptive Dot Coms." (Dot Com is King)

Since 1997 we have been acquiring generic domains for website startups in most categories of daily life. Some are under development as sites for sale and hundreds are available for purchase. We call our company an incubator because what we do is conceive, nurture and "hatch" ideas. Please take a look. It's fun to visualize what you could do with an innovative site in today's booming economy.

To view our portfolio, click on the menu at left. It is sorted into Super categories, for example (WORLD), Categories (Countries) and Subcategories (China).

Advertising experts have found great value in the specificity of generic domains. An effective domain doesn't have to be a single word. If it says what it is or triggers easy-to-remember top-of-mind recognition itís as good or better than a cute brand name.

Very expensive domains like attract "tire kickers," visitors who may not be sure of what they need or want but figure they'll take a look around. However, focuses a customer who knows exactly what he wants and is about to BUY! Reaching qualified customers with generic domains is where quality beats quantity.

The Internet revolution is really more about evolution. In the information jungle, technology has had a transformational effect on consumer demands and habits. Connectivity has empowered people and they're getting smarter. For instance, many are bypassing search engines, typing into the browser what they want without drilling through pages of irrelevant search results. (Type-in Clicks)

Since the browser defaults to .com, type-ins immediately arrive at a site relevant to their quest. This is where we have the opportunity to make sure it's our site and not our competitors by owning the domain for that space.

When we started Internet Locations, a mere 250,000,000 people browsed the Net. Today over a billion, 15% of the world population, use the web in their daily lives. Wireless networks are bringing hi speed access to the developing world. Global on-line marketers are prospering from huge growth in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. For web entrepreneurs this is our time! The world is our oyster, the Internet is our pearl of opportunity and gateway to wealth.

PLEASE NOTE: Domain prices are not shown because values fluctuate according to comparable sales, emerging trends and industry conditions. Click on the Price button and we will e-mail you the current price.